参见:Windows Vista Application Development Requirements for User Account Control (UAC)


  • Filename includes keywords such as “install,” “setup,” and “update.”
  • Keywords in the following Versioning Resource fields: Vendor, Company Name, Product Name, File Description, Original Filename, Internal Name, and Export Name.
  • Keywords in the side-by-side application manifest embedded in the executable.
  • Keywords in specific **StringTable** entries linked in the executable.
  • Key attributes in the resource file data linked in the executable.
  • Targeted sequences of bytes within the executable.



When developing new installation programs, much like developing programs for Windows Vista, be sure to embed an application manifest with an appropriate requestedExecutionLevel element (see Step 6: Create and Embed an Application Manifest in downloadable Help file). When the requestedExecutionLevel is present in the embedded application manifest, it overrides Installer Detection.